Kindergartners Accused of Having Sex at School


Reported by Roxanne Lerma

A shocking story surfacing within the La Joya School District has many parents on edge. Police say two six-year old boys were performing sexual acts on each other, on campus.

There was a police report taken on the incident that happened April 1. The alleged encounter took place at Emiliano Zapata Elementary School on 7 1/2 Mile Line and La Homa Road.

We are told the two six-year-old boys in question, were performing oral sex on each other, in the restroom.

Minutes later, another six-year-old student walked in and allegedly discovered what was happening.

Later that night he told his parents, who then reported the incident to the school principal. The following day a police investigation was launched.

Eventually, because of the age of the suspects officers decided not to pursue the case.

They say it was an isolated incident.

However, La Joya school district leaders insist they took immediate corrective action. They say parents of all of the students involved were notified. Counseling services were also provided to the kids.

This has also changed Zapata Elementary's restroom policies.

Children are now monitored when they go to the bathroom. If at all possible, students are escorted by a teacher and if not, coaches randomly visit the restrooms.

Two parents contacted Action 4 News complaining because the little boys were only given counseling and a brief in-school suspension.

However, administrators say considering the students are only six-years old, it is the most they could do.

Child Protective Services was also notified about the incident.

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